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Monday Mens Winter Schedule

Mens Night

Mens Night plays 8 end curling games each week - 5 games on Monday at 7:30pm; 1 game on Tuesday at 7:45PM

This semi-competitive league has good curling, but also a social atmosphere.  New to curling?  Don't feel intimidated, you're more than welcome to join this league!

Mens league ranks players into positions (lead, second, vice, skip) and then teams are made up by the skips through a draw format at the beginning of the schedule.  Round robin games through the season finish with playoffs to decide the winner who will advance to the Tournament of Champions.

Below are a listing of general rules for the league:

1. Ties are decided by 1 extra end - no rock score from the 9th end is added to score - team gets a Win  and 8 end rock total

2. A spare cannot be a skip (i.e a regular member of the team needs to skip when the normal skip is absent)

3.  If both the skip and vice are absent, then a spare can be the skip

4. Players on teams in 1st and 2nd place at the end of the regular season all move up 1 position (NOTE - if a player does not want to move up a position, they are shifted down - this promotes movement, avoids conflict due to perceived preferential treatment)

5. Players on the 2nd last and last place team at the end of the regular season all move down 1 position

6. Each league member pays $20 at the beginning of the draw, to go towards year end food and prizes (money is collected by each skip)

7. In the case of an odd number of teams in the league, it is recommended that teams in need of a spare contact the members of the team with a bye for that particular week

8. Players are responsible for finding spares and informing their skips when they will be absent and who will be sparing for them

9. Vice records score on the scoresheet with total rock score (ie. W9, L4, etc)

10. If a skip on a losing team decides to end the game prior to the completion of all 8 ends, the leading team adds 1 rock to their total rock score for all ends not played

11. Teams must warm up on the particular sheet that their game for that week is being played on during the 1/2 hr of practice time available prior to the start of the game

12. In the case of a schedule with bye weeks, if a week is missed for any reason, than all teams other then the team(s) with the bye for that particular week are awarded 1 extra win with no rock score (to ensure an even number of games are played by all teams)

13. Tie-breakers are i) head to head, ii) total rock score, iii) Team Draw to the Button (if applicable - for uneven schedule only)

14. During the drafting of the teams in the 2nd draw, skips are not to pick players they curled with in the first draw

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